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Announcing our Collaboration to Benefit Foster Children and Adoption Program

CA4DMcolorlogoVertstacked Purchase one of these five pendants pictured here during April and May 2014 and we will make a contribution to Creative Arts for the Developing Minds.

Artist Sherab Khandro, in collaboration with Goldenstein Gallery and Creative Arts for Developing Minds, are please to announce an opportunity to aid foster and adoptive children.  The Creative Arts for Developing Minds, a Connecticut non-profit, helps foster and adopted children grow up to be the best that they can be. Most children in the foster care system have suffered great trauma and as a result they experience the world differently.

Let ‘s bring the power of art alive in their lives.  Support their program with the purchase of these pendants … a gift for yourself or someone you love.


Gifts that say, “I believe in You”




Whispers on the Wind … May We Know Peace

“The Emissary”

Along the length of the spiraling ribbon is inscribed the words, “May We Know Peace.” As this sculpture turns the ribbon appears to spiral upwards the dragonfly taking flight, carrying forth aspirations for Peace. Peace in our hearts, Peace in our world.

Designed to be interactive, this sculpture turns on people power. With this act we turn our minds, lifting our sites, opening our hearts. Our aspirations representing our collective vision for Peace, now and for future generations … May we know peace.

“I know there are those that feel that World Peace is just a dream. From where I sit, I know it is possible. This is an invitation to believe together. “    -Sherab Khandro

Artist in Residence at Goldenstein Gallery


New original work … Sculptures, Paintings & Jewelry


Recent interview with Sherab Khandro

Interactive Sculpture Maquette &

Pointillist paintings 

Shey will be at Goldenstein Gallery

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Mondays in April & May 11-4pm

Goldenstein Gallery

70 Dry Creek Rd Sedona, AZ


Click thru to see the complete line of pendants


“Open your heart, fling your hopes high, set your dreams aloft.  I am here to hold your hand”.

~Maya Angelou   

We can be that for each other … reach out and lift someone up.

 Perfect Ground“Perfect Ground” Limited Edition Fine Art PrintSherab Khandro


For the Love of all living things …  Sherab Khandro Sacred & Contemporary Arts actively supports businesses and organizations committed to a peaceful and compassionate world.  2% of our proceeds are donated locally in support of the same.  We aspire to do more. Thank you for your support.

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