The power to uplift our world and all the people in it lies in the palm of our hands. Our ability to create great change can be found in the smallest of acts …  How do we harness our magnificent creative power to pave a path to Peace?

“Open your heart, fling your hopes high, set your dreams aloft.  I am here to hold your hand”.

~Maya Angelou   

We can be that for each other … reach out and lift someone up.

“First Blush” Original Painting Acrylic on CanvasLimited Edition Fine Art Prints Available at Goldenstein Gallery in Sedona AZ
For the Love of all living things …  Sherab Khandro Sacred & Contemporary Arts actively supports businesses and organizations committed to a peaceful and compassionate world. 2% of our proceeds are donated locally in support of the same.  We aspire to do more. Thank you for your support.