Self Guided Meditations in Sedona, AZ: Envisioning a World at Peace

Committed to World Peace and long recognized as a sacred place focused on healing and spiritual awakening, Sedona is also an International City of Peace with a commitment to fostering a ‘culture of Peace.’ Please join us as together we envision a world at Peace.

In public places around the city are pointillist paintings dedicated to bringing forth the energy of Peace, created with the intention of inspiring a more peaceful and compassionate world.  Currently, in 3 locations, the paintings of Shey Khandro are on display with the self-guided visualization below.

We invite you to engage with this meditation for World Peace at the following locations:

Goldenstein Gallery 150 State Route 179Sedona, AZ  at the intersection of SR 89A 

ChocolataTree Organic Oasis   1595 West Hwy 89A Sedona, AZ   in West Sedona

Aumbase Sedona 1225 West State Route 89A, Suite 201 Sedona, AZ in West Sedona


World Peace Meditation with Spiritual Art

Envisioning a World at Peace

Using the neo-impressionist style of pointillism, tiny dots of color create rich and vibrant imagery; each stroke of the brush holds a prayer of compassion. Each dot is offered as a jeweled universe, a prayer to end suffering in the world.

This painting is an invitation to envision together a world motivated by Compassion and Loving Kindness as we actively pave a path to Peace.

Please take a moment & envision with me.

 Breathe into your heart

Center your attention in your heart. Relax into this moment. Offer your presence to the possibility of a world motivated by Compassion and Loving Kindness.

Breathe deeply into your heart.

Feel your heart soften.

As it softens, allow it to open.

Take two more deep breaths.

Set your intention for this moment.

What is your vision of a world at Peace?

What would our world feel like? Look like? Sound like?

Who are you in this new world?

See with your minds eye.

Imagine each dot represents the treasures of our Earth: flowers and stones, water and air, fruits and nuts, lush and abundant, expanding endlessly. Maybe you love fashion, technology or art and architecture; whatever is beautiful to you makes a beautiful offering. Envision all of space filling with beauty and abundance, each dot coming alive with vibration.

With your heart open, add your prayers and wishes to your vision of a world at peace.

Stepping into the next moment, hearts open, we give life to new possibilities. Small acts, consciously chosen set change in motion.

May we know Peace, Peace in our hearts, Peace in our world.












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“Open to Life”


“Open to Life” Available now through my new Online Jewelry Store! “InspirationsbyShey”

So excited to share the news!

Pictured here, this handcrafted sterling silver pendant with a chain was sculpted and cast in the vortexes of Sedona 

In a moment of quiet reflection, this original design inspired a small sketch, soon it became a painting, a poem, and a pendant. I welcomed them, each a reminder to stay … Open to Life.



Energetic principle
Golden light of Wisdom
Born of fire, Skydancer
Far above the mundane
Aspiration Vowed
Engaged, Open to Life
This moment
Infinite in possibility
Wonder, joy
Tears, release
Wounded healers
Invitation to dance
The veil pierced
Broken chains
Exposed, Open to Life
Brilliant in radiant splendor
No higher truth to be told
Our own depths yet revealed
Allow your authentic beauty
Gifts, embraced, offered
Exhalted, Open to Life
In Love
Take Flight



Jewelry and other fine art paintings and sculptures are available at Goldenstein Gallery in Sedona, AZ

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Buddhas in the Garden

“Amitabha Buddha: Red Buddha of Infinite Light”

“Amitabha: Red Buddha of Infinite Light” Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Ed/18. Available in a variety of finishes.

Currently on display at L’Auberge de Sedona with Goldenstein Gallery. Originally commissioned to grace the heart center of the Amitabha Enlightenment Stupa in Sedona, AZ, the first in the edition is part of this magnificent monument to peace and healing.
The stupa is an ancient form of sacred architecture. They date back to the time of the Buddha 2600 years ago. Rare in the West, these sacred monuments are a part of the landscape in the East where Buddhism originally took root and flourished. A stupa is believed to be the living presence of the Enlightened Mind, embodying the qualities of the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion. Why is this Buddha called Amitabha?” “The brilliance of his light is measureless, illuminating the lands of the ten directions without obstruction.”Amitabha is a Sanskrit word that literally means, boundless light and boundless life. Images of the Buddha are considered to be a radiant display of the pure qualities of the Enlightened Mind, qualities of Wisdom, Compassion, Loving Kindness and Joy
May we know Peace … Peace in our Hearts, Peace in our World.
Interested collectors may inquire through Goldenstein Gallery
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