Contemplating Impermanence

MB Manadala CenterDiversity Reigns! In my life and the programs at Goldenstein Gallery. The first weekend in April featured Tibetan Monks from the Gaden Shartse Monastery. Touring the United States to raise money for a hospital in Southern India, they were here to offer the blessing of the Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala to Sedona, the surrounding area and all it’s residents. A personally empowering experience for me with my profound connection to the Buddhist tradition, the ordained and the sacred arts, I found it extremely nourishing.

The opportunity to contemplate impermanence is life changing. After long days are spent carefully creating the mandala with fine grains of colored sand and many prayers, it is swepted away, carried to the creek and spilled forth to bless the water, the land and all the inhabitants of the area. A practice not easily understood by the Western mind. Many wonder, “can’t we keep it?” The monks told stories of people asking to buy it, to pay not to have it destroyed. The practice of the sand mandala gives us the opportunity to contemplate the cycle of life; all that comes into form eventually dissolves, returning to the formless. It is a practice of letting go, seeing and accepting the world as it is.

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The Wild!

I promised a brief story about the “Other Flutter” and I will get to that but first I wanted to share about another great event at the Goldenstein Gallery! I show there. I work there. The place is a hot spot in Sedona and especially on the First Friday of each month. The First Friday of each month is the Art Walk here in Sedona. The association of galleries hires the trolley to take visitors to the different galleries around Sedona, they are all lovely and I encourage you to visit each and every one of them.

Goldenstein Gallery is a ‘must stop’ stop on the tour. We have an eclectic and contemporary collection of fine art by local and regional artists in all media. There is a local winery that pours at the opening and live music by very talented local musicians. Sedona is a rich and lively cultural experience. Take home some art to remember your experience!

Our staff is great! Storytellers all of them. Full of fun and festive, our March show is called “The Wild.” All the ladies on staff showed up in leopard print! We had a wild time! Experience the art of Sedona first hand at Goldenstein Gallery!

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Flutter and Dance…


Flutter Dance

Flutter Dance

I am always touched when someone makes room in their personal space for my work, when they invite the energy present in the piece into their experience. When the work is collected as a commemoration of something special or even profound, I am further moved. Recently I had back-to-back experiences of a piece collected in commemoration, each with the same sculpture. “Flutter Dance” is it’s title. Three small bronze butterflies in a dance, a flutter I would call it, each beautifully patinaed at the foundry in contrasting but complimentary colors.

Six inches high, four inches wide, four inches deep, the butterflies dance in a spiral from the surface of a red rock, a little piece of Sedona. This sculpture will be cast in an edition of 35, the one pictured here is #1/35 and will soon be winding it’s way to Idaho! The couple that came into the gallery to collect this piece was so charming. This was their first visit to Sedona and they wanted a memento, a commemoration of their trip here.

The red rocks of Sedona have a lure. The landscape of Sedona is magnificent, a place like no other and the art work here is beautiful (if I do say so myself). Recently voted the number two art destination for small cities in America, second only to Santa Fe, the art here reflects beautifully the magic of our precious city and is a perfect something to take back home with you to remind and enjoy.

The couple looked carefully at the work in the gallery and found their attention captured by the little dance of butterflies. They left the gallery and the husband returned a few moments later. He asked about the piece and if the artist was local. I replied that, the artist is so local, she is standing right next to you!” To that he was delighted. I explained the process for creating the work and introduced him to several other pieces I have done. Soon his wife joined us and they decided this was the one they wanted to take home with them to Idaho. Now I was delighted!

I love meeting the people who are touched by my work and love to know that it is out there fulfilling my wish for it….nourishing and inspiring the hearts and minds of others.

In the next post I will share with you the story of Flutter Dance #2. Till then, spread your wings and let your colors shine!

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When I Think of You …

When I Think of You …

I am finally getting started! Delighted to be here and happy to be sharing something of my joy, as we embark on this new adventure. I am an artist and would like to begin by introducing you to my art. A living energetic presence, each piece is created with the intention to nourish and inspire. It is through my work as an artist that I reach out to connect with you and with the world around me so let us begin…

First, I will introduce, “When I Think of You…” This painting was inspired by a dear friend of mine. Ever know any one or maybe you are someone, who has amazing qualities but just can’t see them in themselves? Someone that lights up a room with their smile, always has a kind word for another, gives sincerely from their heart, someone who is generous and loving to everyone but themselves. Someone who sees clearly the natural beauty in others but cannot see it in themselves.

Actually there are too many of us like that. This painting is an image of a butterfly with it’s wings fully spread, taking flight, colors shining. The background is a warm, earthy brown with words in golden ink intended to acknowledge and remind us of our natural, inherent beauty. When my dear friend is feeling down on herself I often suggest she take a moment to sit with her painting, contemplate the words and the image and remember.

Just remember. Connect to the deeper part of yourself, the wisdom self that knows the truth of who we are. The truth of our nature as an endless, divine source of love in the world. Love for others and love for ourselves.

The original painting is acrylic on board 12″ x 16″ and hangs in a special place in her special space inviting her to take flight, spread her wings and let her full colors shine!

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